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Lucerne Chafflage

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 At Glenwillow feeds we focus on providing you a premium Lucerne horse feed product at a fair price, we select the best quality Lucerne from around the Canterbury area, then chaff and bag ready for feeding.

We take control of the full process from growing the Lucerne then hand picking the select few paddocks that we will use to take through to our bagged product. Using our late model mowers and rakes to reduce leaf losses through to our baleing and wrapping process. The product ferments under controlled conditions in the bale and is then stored as wrapped bales until the order is placed for the bagged feed. Once we have the order of the feed we then chaff, bag and vacuum pack the order for distributing to the client the next day, this ensures our product is always fresh and easy to remove from the bag.

Lucerne has many benefits for horses, some of which are its unique buffering effect, minimising the risk of gastric ulceration due to the high calcium and protein content, making it a great feed choice for racehorses and horses under stress. It’s quality protein and essential amino acid content, also make it an ideal feed for growing horse, broodmares and stallions.

At Glenwillow feeds we recognise the importance of obtaining expert advice and can utilise the expertise and experience of independent, Matamata based Equine Nutrition consultancy - Veterinary and Nutritional Integration LTD - VANI. VANI is headed by Equine Nutritionist Nikita Stowers and supported by Veterinarian Dr. Petra Hazlitt. VANI work with some of the top stud farms and racing stables throughout New Zealand and overseas and can individualise feeding programmes for your horses individual needs to optimise performance and wellbeing. Information about independent nutrition consultancy VANI at their website

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